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Victims Recoup Damages With Assistance from Car Accident Attorneys

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In the United States in 2013, there were 30,057 fatal car accidents, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. When you or your loved one is involved in a car accident, it is important to consult a Florida car accident attorney. He or she can help you to navigate things like John Bales Attorneys insurance claims, medical bills and bringing a suit, if one becomes necessary.

Interview the Potential Attorneys You Are Considering

When you are looking for a viable car accident attorney, it is important to talk with them either face-to-face or by phone. This gives you a chance to as a few questions to ensure that this is the right lawyer for you. You want to make sure that they are successful in what they do and that they are able to help with your specific needs. There are a number of things you want to ask about in this initial interview, including:

  • Does the lawyer have experience with your specific legal needs?
  • What is the lawyer’s success track record?
  • Does he possess any certifications or special skills?
  • Does attorneys have malpractice insurance?
  • If so, how much malpractice insurance does he carry?
  • How long has he been practicing law?
  • Will he personally be dedicating his time to your case?
  • What are his fees and how does he structure them?

These are the general questions to explore, but if you have any others, it is important to ask them during this initial interview. After this first interview, you should have a good idea about whether or not this lawyer will be of help to you.

Talk to Trusted Friends and Family

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, so when you are in the market for a Florida car accident attorney, talk to people you trust about references for lawyers they have used in the past. Specifically, you want to know about lawyers who are experienced in taking on car accident cases. Make sure to ask plenty of questions, such as those listed in the interview section above, to get the right information from those referring lawyers they have used in the past.

Visit the Offices of the Attorneys You Are Considering

b49111e3b4641c43f0409f7e89695019Simply seeing the John Bales lawyer’s office gives you a lot of information about whether or not this one is the right option. Pay attention to the small details, such as the size of the firm, the amount of staff and whether the office is organized. If during your visit you feel uncomfortable or that this attorney is not the right option, you can simply excuse yourself and continue your search.

Now you have a better idea about what it takes to narrow down the field and choose a good car accident attorney. Use this information as a guide as you are exploring the attorneys that are available in your area. This is a time when you need support and an attorney who is able to fulfill all of your legal needs, so while you need to move quickly, it is important to not gloss over the important details.

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